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   Hello and welcome to our web site. We are a small home based business located in the shadow of the old comstock mining district of Virginia City, Nevada.
 Our products are primarily timers and timer related devices. Our first timer, the inexpensive model "A" pinewood derby timer was a hit with do-it-yourselfers everywhere. A natural for scouts.
 Next came the full featured model "B" timer. While mainly intended for the fastdraw enthusiast it is still a good universal reaction timer. We've also added a model "Bx"  that can drive our external display,  for exhibitions and shows. The model B has been replaced  with the CFDA model. This and a wide array of accessories are available at cowboyfastdraw.
 In addition to all these we now have a computer interfaced timer, the model "C" timer. This unit  has multiple inputs and sends its results to a computer and if desired, the external display. Trully a universal timer.
 If a stand alone custom timer is needed we have those too. Some of our more interesting projects include a rat maze timer and a wood screwing timer. You name it and we'll time it.
  I have spent most of my life working in electronics from a teenager to present. My passion for innvention has led me to start our small, but growing company.

Thank You
David Swanberg.


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